Sunday, April 8, 2012

Two Days to Live

Last week Michael was preparing to preach on Jesus and His disciples in the upper room.  I was already in bed and he asked what I would do if I had about 48 hours left to live.  Jesus sat with those men He loved so much and showed them how to live by washing their feet and telling them why it was important.   Then He told them to go and do the same for others.

Without hesitation I said that I would gather all our kids.  I would gather them and when they all got here I would talk a lot.  I would tell them every thing they could possibly need to know to be found faithful when they stand before the Lord.

I would give details of all these things that could actually be summed up in just one sentence.


He has spelled it out for us in black and white.

Boys.  Love your wives.  No one else.  Just them.  Keep the marriage bed pure.  That means you don't have friends of the opposite sex.  Your best friend is your bride and you aren't missing out on anything but heartache if you do otherwise.  Treat her like she is a princess and take care of her heart so she won't find that love somewhere else.  I believe with all my heart you will stand accountable for this first, because she is your first responsibility.  Teach your kids to love and fear the Lord.  Be a godly example to them and to your brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews.  Be a vessel of honor, not a vessel of dishonor.


Girls.  Love your husbands.  Be an active helpmeet and show him respect.  That's the language he speaks.   Satiate him from your buffet at home so that he won't be tempted to go for dessert somewhere else (love his socks off!).  You don't need friends of the opposite sex. Treat him like a king and take care of his heart.  Just his.  No one else's.   Your first accountability will be how you did this.  Raise your kids to love and fear the Lord.  Show your brothers and sisters, nephews and nieces what it is to be a vessel of honor.


If I had 48 hours left, that is what I would say.  I would wash their feet with the Word.

Just like Jesus did.


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