Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just Hop on the John Deere

Last week I began praying that God would stretch me; and stretch me He did. 
 What did I do about all that stretching? 

I complained about everything that was going on. 
Yes, I complained about it.

I don't think that is how the Lord wanted me to handle things.

Thursday was pretty tough so I went outside and planted some onions and strawberries.  
I climbed on the tractor and and drove to the barn to get some old hay to cover the berries.  I drove by the barn where Michael was feeding the horses.

I wondered if the neighbors ever thought he was crazy the way he talks to his horse. 
 He's crazy about him.  He once said that the person who said a man has a sexual thought every 40 seconds obviously doesn't have a good horse. :)

It was watching him with his horse and driving around on the tractor that relief came for me.  The stress, fear, hurt, and disappointment of the week seemed to lessen.

Maybe when I am right in the thick of the stretching, of the chiseling;  in the middle of the molding;  maybe then I am too engulfed to see His hand.

It is when I am still, when I step outside of it a bit that I can see what He is doing.  I step away from the growing pains and see the growth.

In the stillness I see myself becoming more of a warrior. 
I'm becoming more of a warrior because of the stretching.

I hope the enemy trembles a little because of this warrior riding on a John Deere.


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Joannah said...

Carol, thank you for your encouraging comments today. Yes, the Lord is so faithful. I would never have believed it like I do if I hadn't experienced the things I have. He has never failed me even in the darkest of times. I'd love to hear more of your story some time. :)