Wednesday, December 7, 2011

You Blink

The girls and I went today to get all the supplies to make Christmas presents.  It reminded me of when I would take the three older kids clothes shopping for school.  I felt like
 there were always three conversations going at once.  Three different aisles I 
needed to be on at once.

Where has the time gone?

If I had known that I would blink and the three older ones would be married 
and one would have kids of his own, I might have been a little more patient.  I may
have enjoyed them more and spent more time.

I certainly would have made a greater effort to instill the Word into them.  I didn't do that well, especially after the three little ones came along.  

Because I blinked and the older ones were gone, I realize how important it is to 
spend as much time with the girls as possible.  I realize the urgency of them knowing the Word to be able to get through life's difficulties.  I realize that in two years I will be doing the shopping without them.

Oh my.

They have such a good time together.  Most of the time.  How many times today did I hear "Oh Lanty!" -  Leah's name for Hannah.  They had fun trying to figure out what to get every one.  They love giving to their brothers and sisters.
I love that they love that.

I have one, maybe two more Christmases for them to be here to help decorate the house and make gifts.  I already grieve that a little bit.  

What I do with that time will determine what kind of wives and mommies they will be.  I have to make every minute count.  
Every single minute.

And all thy children shall be taught
of the Lord and great shall
be their peace.
                         Isaiah 54:13

4 thoughts:

Pamela said...

So true, Carol, so true. Even though sometimes I am so surprised that we are not a part of each other's daily existence, I am reassured by the great relationships we have. We are all 3 such great friends. I LOVE that. And when you have been through very difficult times together, the bond is so strong. Enjoy your babies while they are home, but be encouraged you will enjoy them just as much or more, in a different, deeper way, when they are on their own.

Can we meet somewhere for lunch and just sit and talk through supper? You know, on one of those days when there is nothing to do? You know, one of those...

Love you.

ArtyMarti said...

Children just grow up too fast, when mine were young, I was so caught up in the daily grind, that so many special moments slipped by. I feel that I have a second chance with my grandkids.

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Carol said...

Pam, oh how I would love to sit and talk. About everything. I'm sure we could fill up at least an evening! Miss you dear friend.