Sunday, December 12, 2010

They Missed Him

The sermon was so good yesterday. Michael preached from Matthew 2, as I'm sure many pastors did. Oh, it was good. It's recorded on our church website under Inspirations.

Jesus had been born in Bethlehem and the wise men were searching for Him. They came asking where the king was born. Old King Herod pulled in the chief priests and scribes - the part of the Jewish race who knew all the prophecies - and they told those wise old men their king was to be born in Bethlehem. They knew it because they read Micah 5:2 - King James Version. Or maybe just some old scrolls, I don't know.

Just a few miles away, their King was toddling around the house.

Even old King Herod believed it to be true. He believed so much he had all the baby boys killed so another king wouldn't live to take his place.

Yet these scholars, these men of the law, MISSED Him. I can't believe they missed Him.

Even now, as I am typing, I'm listening to my Christmas music. Oh Come All Ye Faithful is playing. The other day I was driving home and this song came on and I just felt overwhelmed by the magnificence of Jesus. The invitation to come and adore Him I took seriously. Very seriously. I don't always do that. Parked in my dirt driveway, my head on the steering wheel of the tootsie roll truck, I adored Him. I wept over His graciousness in my life.

Sometimes, just like those religious men of the day I get caught up in the busyness of being religious. I hate it when I do that. I don't want to miss times of worship, wherever they are, because I'm busy getting ready for the next event of ministry. I don't want to miss times when He needs me to be still and listen to Him. And I don't want to miss times of soaking in His amazingness.

I just flat don't want to miss Him.

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