Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I walked into the bedroom the other day and Michael told me to go look at the bathtub to see if I noticed anything different. We have two bathrooms but the only tub is in ours so the girls use it quite often. Every girl loves a good hot bath. Because of that, there are bottles of every shape and size all around the tub: shampoos, conditioners, shaving creams, and oils. You name it - it's there.

If they are in a hurry or the supply is dwindling in their shower, they sometimes come and get hair products out of ours and take it into theirs.

Michael is not a picky man. He really can't be. He's surrounded by girls - four of us in the house plus our dog Molly, our horses Chigger and Fannie, eighteen hens and two pansy roosters. He will buy the cheapest shampoo and stick it in the corner of the tub, only to find when he reaches for it, it has disappeared.

So when I saw the giant black bottle of shampoo with MEN in big bright letters on the front, I knew what it was he wanted me to see. He did his little fake laugh with his shoulders pumping up and down. I cracked up.

The bottle has yet to leave the tub.

2 thoughts:

Kubin's said...

I love it. Sounds like something Bradley would do.

Hope you are doing well!
Christie Kubin

ladywendylyn said...

I am going to cut an paste this to Jack! LOL!!!