Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Will

I'm at the church alone. The doors are all locked up, the lights are out, and everyone has gone home. It's really, really quiet compared to the really, really loud just an hour ago. Our DVD player wouldn't work for our Love and Respect class with the young adult couples, which was okay, because we brought food and ate supper together. The fellowship was sweet. (Third time in 4 days we've had a meal up here. No wonder I can't lose this weight.)

Just reflecting over conversations I've had with several ladies in the last few weeks. Why does God use us? He knows our past - the ugly choices we've made and yet He still lets us do His work. I want to keep doing His work. Most days. Then there are the days where I'm just tired. Tired of people being ugly to each other, tired of marriages breaking up, tired of . . . , well, just tired. One sweet soul asked me if she had to keep on doing the work. I let her talk for awhile and then asked her, "if you don't, who will?" Who will stand in the gap for those precious kids you are praying for? Who will stand up against the enemy trying to destroy your marriage?

You can check out if you want, but what if there is no one to take your place to bring these things to the only One Who can fix them? We cannot risk that. We have to keep on.

Last weekend I was so blessed to fellowship with some mommas and their adorable daughters at a Mother/Daughter camp at Camp Peniel. I wish you could have seen the faces on these sweet ladies. They soaked up the Word and had such a desire to do it right. Made my heart so happy. If it made mine happy, you know God was ecstatic. They wanted to do everything possible to raise godly daughters. They are not lettiing up.

I'm not sure why God chooses to use us, but I'm so glad He does. I might have missed seeing the faces of those amazing moms if I decided I didn't want to be used anymore. Wow.

Jesus, thank You for all the noise. Thank You for the quiet. Most of all, thank You for letting me do the work.

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