Sunday, September 26, 2010

Changing Hats

The last few Sundays the youth of our church have been doing a relationship study. Korey's desire was not just to tell them to wait until marriage to give themselves away, but to tell them why and how to keep from giving themselves away. I've helped him with the teaching as we split up the boys and girls at certain times. Tonight I have the boys. Yikes!

I started thinking about what kind of man I used to dream about as a young girl. What kind of man I wanted to marry when I grew up. My mind went back to the Montgomery Wards store in Denver City. Mom and Dad were the managers of the store and built us a little play area in the back. My best friend Gale and I used to pretend we were married to Green Berets. We played mom's album over and over again and would make ourselves cry when he sang about the soldier dying. This guy laid his life down for his country. We would hold our dolls and cry because their daddies weren't coming home. So sad.

I found the video and watched it. Glad I didn't marry him. I did get a little emotional when he got to the dying part though.

Our dreams sometimes do come true. Michael doesn't wear a green hat but he pastors a church where men care more about hat etiquette than women do about shoe etiquette. Is it time for the black felt or are we still in wearing the white straw? He doesn't physically lay down his life but he lives his life for the people here every day. But I know he would physically give his life for them. He goes to battle spiritually for folks on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. So yeah, I kinda knew back then, rocking those baby dolls, what kind of man I wanted to marry. I have a pretty good hunch that God Himself was putting that desire in my heart to prepare me for my life now.

Glad He doesn't make mistakes.

2 thoughts:

Bec said...

What a perfect reminder this Monday morning! Thank you!
This hits close to home - I always imagined I would marry a preacher or a soldier, and lately I have realized that to me, that means a man of honor and valor - and that could look like many different things.

Anonymous said...

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