Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ladies' Holiday Dinner

Allie handing out tickets for door prizes.

Leah and Rachel practicing their "red carpet" walk one of many times.

Lisa, Michelle, and Sue

The first year we were here I sort of introduced the ladies of the cowboy church to the Ladies' Holiday Dinner. The first time I ever saw one was at University Heights Baptist Church in Stillwater. The ladies up there knew how to decorate a table! I was only able to attend one when we lived there because Kyle was always playing ball on the Saturday of the event. I did, however, help one lady buy the fixin's for her table. I'm embarrassed to say she had to explain to me what a plate charger was.

So I decided our ladies here would probably enjoy this type of event. The first one we had I decorated the tables and we had 18 women. They all enjoyed it so much. The next year we had several tables that others decorated then the next year even more. Last year Brandi Dillard took over and we packed that little triple wide. They had so much fun and started talking that night about how they could do their tables the next year. This year we were in our new building and probably had 250 people or more by the time you counted the sweet men who came to serve us. Brandi and Jack and her mom Sharon went the extra mile to make sure everyone was blessed.

One of my sweetest memories of that night was seeing the excitement of Cheryl as she showed me her table. She used the theme of the Fruit of the Spirit. She had been taking notes in Bible study on Monday nights and she was so excited. She even had little coloring sheets of the fruit with crayons as a fun gift. It was sweet because she is a brand new christian and her joy was contagious.

Another sweet memory was looking over and seeing the men of our church praying before they came to make sure we had our glasses full and plates of yummy food in front of us. And of course hearing Randy, my cousin, tell us about the God-given potential we have in us and encourage us to see ourselves as God sees us. It was a sweet, sweet night.

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