Monday, August 4, 2008

Family Reunion

For 28 years now my mom's side of the family has been meeting at the lake for a family reunion. The bulk of the family comes in on the weekend, but several of us come early in the week. We stay in campers, tents, shelters, and cabins. We've survived tornadoes, floods, droughts, raccoons, family squabbles, water basketball, and "Sarge".
Mom and her sister Nancy had six brothers. Since the reunions began, their mother and four of their brothers have gone on to be with Jesus. Mom has buried two husbands and a son-in-law and Nancy has buried a daughter. We have grieved through deaths, miscarriages and divorces.
But we laugh. We laugh a lot. That's what family does. We love and we laugh. We celebrate new life born into the family and we celebrate new life married into the family. Every year we come back together and do the same things with the same people and always look forward to the next year. Some people think we are crazy because our vacation every year is a week spent with 40-60 family members. We think we are blessed.

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Randy said...
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Randy said...

We are blessed to have a family like this. It is a joy to see everyone each year. I love this family.