Thursday, March 20, 2008

Papa and Eli

There is such a sweetness having this little guy around. Poor thing, when he is here he never gets a complete nap, has kisses all over his face, and has tons of pictures made. We don't get to see him often, so we take advantage of every second we have. Expecially his Papa. Jade is an angel to let Michael have him even when it means getting off schedule, because she knows we have precious little time. Thank you, Jade.
We don't get to hold him in our arms often enough for me, but we hold him in our hearts and pray for him more than once or twice a day. God bless you little man, Jesus hold you precious one.

1 thoughts:

Viola said...

I LOVE the picture of the matching boots! So cute!
The hands picture is also beautiful. I really love that you have this site! Since I moved and do not get to see everyone as often as I would like I feel that I get to keep in touch through your beautiful pictures!