Thursday, March 20, 2008

Want to see a picture of grandbaby?

Imagine you are driving into a grocery store parking lot and you pull in beside a minivan with a Cowboy Church sticker on one side of the back window and an OSU sticker on the other side. There's a "Honk if you love Jesus" bumper sticker on the back bumper by another sticker that screams "Want to see a picture of my grandkids?" Okay, I admit, there are no stickers on my vehicle, but when I pass another vehicle going own the interstate with a Cowboy Church logo on the back, we all wave and smile really big. When I pass a vehicle with an OSU sticker, I do the Cowboy "guns up" while the girls slide down in their seats. Sometimes I do honk because I love Jesus, but mostly I just clap and sing if my seat is high enough for my knees to touch the steering wheel and drive for a bit. I also don't have a little Grandma's Brag Book that accordians down to the floor full of pictures of the little darlings. So if you do see the minivan outside the grocery store, it is perfectly safe to go in. If I had one of those little books, I promise whenever I got out of my vehicle, I would tuck that thing under my arm to whisk out at a moment's notice. So instead of having to be polite to my face as I go through picture after picture and explain everything he was doing before, during, and after the shot, you can just browse through on your own time. Feel free to copy any of them for your screen saver, or to print off and show all your friends, because I know you'll want to. Oh yeah, and just a warning. I have six children. I plan on having LOTS of grandkids. You can bow out at anytime. I, just for the life of me, don't know how you could.
Isn't he precious?

2 thoughts:

The Barnyard's said...

Oh sweet sweet Jesus!!!!! He is amazing!!! These pictures are beautiful!!!!

neecie said...

Eli is so sweet. Makes me miss my boys being that small and then I come back to reality.