Wednesday, October 31, 2007

He is here!

Have you ever seen a baby more beautiful? Elijah Ryan was born to Kyle and Jade on Friday, October 19th about 2:30 p.m. He is so sweet. On Thursday the little fella wasn't moving at all, even with "encouragement" from the doctor. He gave us a pretty good scare, but all is well, and he is absolutely amazing. He loves to eat, just like his daddy! Uncle Adam drove up from Lubbock, Aunt Kayla and Uncle Kevin were there, and Lolli (me) and Aunt Hannah, Aunt Leah, and Aunt Rachel left at 4 a.m. to be there for Eli's arrival. Poppa (Michael) didn't get to come until Sunday after a funeral. Great-nanny and Great-aunt Christy surprised us all and showed up on Saturday morning. The little guy got the majority of the family in the first 24 hours of living! Oh my, there are really no words to describe the emotion of holding such a precious one. The sweetness of seeing your first-born hold his first-born and look at him with eyes full of joy and undeniable love, is something I reflect on often. The heaviness of wondering if I showed him well-enough how to be a loving, supportive, patient parent is something on which I also often reflect. My prayer is that Kyle will be so sensitive to the Father, and listen to His teaching, nudging, and guidance, so that all the places I fell short, he can still do it right.

Welcome to the family, little Eli. You are beautiful. Father, set this child apart to be a warrior for You. Teach him through his sweet daddy and mommy how to love You and fear You. I'm thankful that Kyle and Jade will train him up in the way he should go. Give them strength and rest and prepare them for the many years of training ahead. Hedge them up with Your protection, Lord. Thank You, Jesus for this precious one. We love him alot. Oh yeah, and I would like to put my order in for a lot more just like him. Just to give You a "heads up"! I love you, Lord. Thanks again.

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The Barnyard's said...

What a good lookin' family!!

Camp Quartet said...

Congratulations Grandma!! What a cutie Eli is!