Monday, November 5, 2012

A Week in Tulsa

I loved getting to pick up Eli from school and see all of the kids for almost a week.  I loved getting to cook way too much food for them every night.  On Saturday I kept Journey and Eli so Kyle and Jade could go to the OSU game.  We went to Braum's, to Eli's soccer game, and then to Kayla's to make snickerdoodle cookies.  We left there to get yogurt before we went back to their house to play outside and work puzzles.  I was informed that I need to practice working puzzles.  Apparently I was a little disappointing in the puzzle making activity.

Kayla felt like going in to work a little on Saturday and I went to text her and realized I hadn't texted her all week - because I had BEEN WITH HER ALL WEEK !!!  Pretty sweet!


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High Functioning Autism said...

They are beautiful. Is she wearing those dance legging things, so cute.