Monday, May 23, 2011

Writing Down Grateful

Sometimes I get frustrated when I have so much to do and feel like all the players on this team are busy. So that means I'm frustrated often.

I'm working on that.

Last Thursday we actually had a day where we all braved the chiggers and went outside and worked.

It was so fun. Although, the other players might beg to differ.

The girls worked on putting together a bench someone had given us. Even had power tools out.

I came around the corner and saw them all testing out their labor.

Chook. Chook. Chook.

When they were little, Michael and then everyone else started calling them chooks, which is the same as chicks, someone told him long ago.

Seeing their heads made me remember. I stood there and watched them and remembered.

Remembered how I prayed to have them. Of course, at the time I was just praying for one.

Remembered how truly grateful I was that God gave us three, one for each of the big kids to hold.

Remembered why it is important to keep working on the frustration issue.


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