Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Things We Really Need

So after a very frustrating “I wish I could bite somebody” day yesterday, (see previous post) the ladies studied in Nehemiah last night. Whoa.

I was being a baby. An untrusting baby.

When Nehemiah had every reason to be discouraged because of the enemy, he prayed. Yep. Easy answer – pray to the One Who can handle the battle.

See, I run to Him when someone’s life is in danger, whether because of illness or defeat, but when people are not being nice to each other I just, well, I don’t handle it well.

That’s where yesterday’s post came from. People weren’t playing nice.

Nehemiah recognized who the enemy was and put them in the hand of God. But here’s the best part: the work continued. He didn’t go crawl under a rock in self pity, he handed it off.

He realized the importance of the work and didn’t let anything get in the way of that work. A couple of times he called out to the Lord to “strengthen my hands”. One of my favorite prayers.

I just forgot it yesterday.

Just being in the Word last night changed my whole outlook. When I was trying to study yesterday afternoon, I had several phone calls so I was having a hard time concentrating. Then, of all things, a greyhound bus broke down in front of the church and they all came in for coffee and soft drinks. A talkative bunch.

So I really didn’t dive in to the scripture until it was time to teach. But, oh, when I did, I felt my jaw loosen a little. I felt the urge to bite go away.
I felt the weight lifted from my chest. 
 The weight I had allowed the enemy to place there because I wasn’t handling people words well.

Once again, my Jesus, my Word, calmed my heart.

After we got done, I walked in to sit at my desk and started to undo the last post. I knew I wasn’t supposed to. You can think bad of me if you want, that is how I honestly felt.

I don’t feel that way any more.

I know what I really need.

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Renee Floyd said...

You are so good that we couldn't stand you if you weren't like the rest of us once in a while! Thanks for your honesty. Love Ya Girl!