Monday, August 30, 2010

Wrinkles in your Ear Lobes

There have been a few times in the past when I have shared some of the interesting things about the aging process. You gotta know that you can choose to cry about them, or in my case, make fun of them and live life instead of hole myself up in the farmhouse.

I remember when I was younger seeing older women who wore earrings alot. The holes in the earlobes got bigger and bigger. Then I noticed something else. A wrinkle in the earlobe. Now, my earlobes are really small. I don't have the hangy-down kind, they just kind of scoot over and attach straight to my head. I've been grateful for that except I recently discovered that even small earlobes can get a wrinkle. Darn. Surely that isn't what I saw in the 10x. Oh, but it was.

I'm not one for surgery to combat the aging process in the upper third region of my body. I know I qualify for all kinds of procedures and I'm sure not against anyone else doing it, but it just isn't for me. That is why I'm continually on the hunt for creams and lotions to thwart the aging process that is inevitable. The problem I have is how do you know how to do it all? Do you put the age spot eliminator on before or after the wrinkle reducer? Is the eye cream any different than the others, and is it okay if it overlaps? Will one mess up the active ingredient of the other? What about the skin tightening cream? Does it come with a roller?

I figured out that some of the facial wrinkle problems could be eliminated by how you sleep on your pillow. So at night I lay my face on my pillow then ever so slightly move it toward the edge. Pulling all that extra skin toward my ears should make for a pretty smooth face in the morning. Works if you can pull off sleeping in the same postion all night wtihout waking up with neck and shoulder pain the next morning. Just figured out that's probably where the ear lobe got it's wrinkle. Shoot.

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