Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christy and Cary Ann

I think the wind chill on Saturday morning was below 0 when we went all over downtown Lubbock to find places to take pictures of Christy and Cary Ann. Christy is my sister and Cary Ann is her beautiful daughter. I have to say, though, that every time I looked through that camera, I saw Cary Ann at one year old with her hair in dog-ears, wearing denim shorts tied up with a rope and freckles painted on her face at Kyle's hobo birthday party. Cary gets a lot of grief from us for her spelling abilities and her excitement over things she has learned at Tech this semester, like how we lost at the Alamo. We give her grief, but she is the one of all the grandkids that calls on birthdays, and keeps everyone connected. She learned that from her mama. Christy keeps the office going at UMC for the Vice Presidents of Nursing Services. She is so good at what she does, and cares so much that patients are happy with their stay at her hospital. She also is in charge of our "girls' trips" we take with my other sister Cathy. Our next trip is in February and all of us "Dorman" girls are going to San Antonio. Christy got all the organizational skills in our family. The rest went to Cathy, and I got left with a very few. Enjoy these pictures of Mom and Daughter. Oh yeah, and get a load of our daddy's blue eyes.

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The Barnyard's said...

LOVE these pics!! SO very very beautiful!! Those blue eyes shine!