Thursday, August 30, 2007

Whenever I get a little weary and lose some enthusiasm for ministry, I pull out this picture of Frank. Frank has now gone on to be with Jesus, but six months before his homegoing, he was going to die without hope. One Sunday, he walked into our triple wide trailer we use for church and saw someone being baptized. The Lord drew his heart and he told Michael he wanted to be baptized the next Sunday. Michael talked to him about Jesus and Frank began a new life. The Lord softened his heart, and he began repair work on relationships that had been destroyed for many years. He called his kids, his sisters, his brother in Hawaii, and even called his neighbor that he hadn't spoken to for awhile. As the baptism day drew near, Frank called crying, broken over the fact that he couldn't be baptized because he hadn't been able to quit smoking. Michael explained to him that he didn't have to clean up to come to Jesus, but that Jesus would clean him up because he had come to Him. Frank had to be helped into the horse trough "baptistry" that Sunday because his 72 year old legs couldn't do the job. He wept as Michael told his sweet story.

Frank's life encourages me to continue serving our sweet Lord as He changes lives, no matter the age. To hang in there when things seem a bit overwhelming. Thank You, Jesus, that even though Frank is with You now, his life still "spurs me on to good works".

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connie said...

Carol Sue, it's soo good to see you have a blog! This makes my day, my week, no, my year :) I will add a link to my blog so that people can read yours as well.

I love you and miss you dearly!

K-k-k-katy said...

I am so excited to see you have a blog! Now I can read about your beautiful life and share in your wonderful God-moments! I love you oodles banoodles!